Public Consultation No. 2

The Project is currently at Phase 2 Option Selection. The purpose of Phase 2 is to examine options to determine a Preferred Option. During Phase 2 all reasonable / feasible options are examined and their costs, benefits and effects on the environment are interrogated to identify a preferred option, if any, that will progress to Phase 3 Design and Environmental Evaluation.

Public consultation forms an important part of advancing the design process towards the development of route options and allows the involvement of the public in identifying key constraints and opportunities.

The Second Public Consultation is planned for Q4 of 2023. In the Second Public Consultation, the proposed options will be presented to stakeholders. Project Liaison Officers (PLOs) and the Project Team will be available to provide information on the proposed options and enable stakeholders to provide feedback on the proposed options, highlighting issues and opportunities.

This consultation will be held online through our project website and at in-person public consultation events. Further details on the proposed dates and venues for the Second Public Consultation will be provided in due course.

Leitrim County Council values the opinion of the community on the project and welcomes comment from the public and interested parties.

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