Phase 1

As outlined in TII’s Project Management Guidelines (PE-PMG-02047, July 2022) the purpose of Phase 1 is to develop and investigate in further detail the feasibility of the project and to implement the project management structure.
An initial task within Phase 1 is to identify a suitable study area for the examination of preliminary route options, in accordance with the Five S criteria outlined in the Strategy for the Future Development of National and Regional Greenways, published by the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport in July 2018.

During Phase 1 it is necessary to establish whether there is a sufficient case for considering a Project in more depth, that is, progression to Phase 2. This will include the examination of a list of preliminary route options against the project objectives to ascertain if there are feasible options that can be progressed in further detail in Phase 2.

A key attribute of Phase 1 is the facilitation of stakeholder engagement by the Sponsoring Agency. Stakeholder engagement is beneficial to constraints mapping and the development and assessment of preliminary route options. For this project it will take the form of public consultation events, media notification and engagement, and web-based services.

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