Phase 2

As outlined in TII’s Project Management Guidelines (PE-PMG-02047, July 2022) the purpose of Phase 2 is to examine options to determine a Preferred Option.

During Phase 2 all reasonable / feasible options are examined and their costs, benefits and effects on the environment are interrogated to identify a preferred option, if any, that will progress to Phase 3 Design and Environmental Evaluation.

During Phase 2, options which progressed from Phase 1 are developed taking cognisance of the findings of the constraints study. These options will be developed to an appropriate level of detail to facilitate a systematic assessment of the potential impacts upon the findings of the constraints and opportunities study.

The Option Selection Process will be a two-stage process:

  • Stage 1 – Project Appraisal Matrix
    The options advanced from Phase 1 will be evaluated by undertaking an appraisal of the quantifiable and non-quantifiable impacts of these options in accordance with PAG Unit: 13.0 Appraisal of Active Modes under the headings of Economy, Safety, Environmental Appraisal, Accessibility & Social Inclusion, Integration & Physical Activity.
  • Stage 2 – Preferred Option.
    After the completion of Stage 1 (Project Appraisal Matrix), a preferred option for the Project will be selected. The Preferred Option will then be subject to a Third Public Consultation and an Option Appraisal Report, which will form a complete statement documenting the rationale behind, and justification for, the preferred option following the completion of Phase 2.

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